Monday, September 25, 2006

Idea for Make Track Robot

The SOCOM Project (Robot Track)
The goal of this project is to develop a low-cost long-range
reconnaissance robot system (LRRRS) for use in
surveillance applications and payload delivery within an
unstructured, and potentially rugged and hazardous
environment in order to reduce the potential risk to solders
and act as a force multiplier.

These pictures clearly demonstrate some of the custom
work that we have performed. This gentleman races water
cross. He desired to have anti directional lugs placed in
between his standard lugs. This was an attempt to control
the machine from sliding sideways while racing around the
oval. Another example of how we truly can deliver just
about anything that you want

Daryl's Rescue Robot Track
This is the first completed track. You can see the link pins
that will drive the track.

Robot Track Solid Models
This is a picture of the first fully-developed solid model
that I did using SolidWorks. This design used the smaller
batteries from before I realized their limitations. At this
point in time, there are a number of design choices that
I have since changed. You can see here the double-wheel
design, which I threw out when it became apparent how
much the wheel modifications necessary to make this work
would compromise their strength. This design also has a
metal platform, which I have replaced with a transparent
polycarbonate one. Also note no finalized positions for
electronics or computer systems. At this point in time,
I wasn't even planning to have a heat exchanger.

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