Sunday, January 29, 2012

Robot Cleaning Solar Panels Data and Video

Video showing the movement and function of Robot Cleaning Solar Panels.

GEKKO robot cleaning solar panels
The GEKKO III Junior cleaning robot is walking on a steep solar plant and cleans it with water and its brush. The surface gets very clean and increases the efficiency of a solar plant immensely. The robot is designed to climb around on even vertical surfaces and won't need any additional complicated installations. This allows for a lot of versatility and easy use. The GEKKO robot is a product of the Serbot AG in Switzerland in cooperation Niederberger-Engineering AG.

PvSpin - Modul-Reinigungsgerät
Das neue Modulreinigungsgerät von Schletter "PvSpin"

GEKKO Junior G1
The GEKKO Junior moving on a solar plant. The robot climbs up and down the solar panels and cleans them with it's brush.

Instapark® 30W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel With a 12V solar charge controller
Tired of all the noise and smell from your diesel generator? The Instapark SPCC-30W offers you a quiet, clean while carbon-free alternative. Capable of converting virtually unlimited solar energy into clean, green, most importantly, free electricity, the Instapark SPCC-30W includes a 30-Watt mono-crystalline solar panel with solar charge controller. This solar panel is made of high efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells embedded in transparent vinyl acetate behind tempered glass with heavy back sheet ensuring maintenance free performance. Unlike amorphous solar panels, which only last about 5-7 years of continuous use, mono-crystalline solar panels can still retain over 80% of efficiency even after 25 years of continuous use. Also, the mono-crystalline panels are much more efficient and thus smaller in size while producing higher wattage. This kit is designed and engineered to primarily charge 12-Volt batteries, which store and provide usable power when needed, ideal for powering your RVs, ATV, marine boats and electronic equipments. The included solar charge controller helps prevent any connected batteries from overcharging. Other than recreational applications, solar power can also help lower your energy bills by reducing your dependence on the main electrical grid and provide back-up power during power outages.

Universalroboter- UNIROB PV-Reinigung
UNIROB S5000/2.8 beim Bearbeiten einer PV- Anlage. Wartung neuester Stand!

Photvoltaik-Reinigung, PV-Reinigung
UNIROB beim reinigen der Traufkante und der Blockränder einer PV- Anlage

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Window Cleaning Robot Data and Video

Window Cleaning Robot can travel across the window frame and execute cleaning functions. Video showing the movement and behavior of Window Cleaning Robot.

URAKAMI Window Cleaning Robot
Robot Window Cleaning Robot designed by Urakami Research & Development Co., Ltd. A robot that can move the window. And window cleaner. The motion to move to the side.

WINDORO (window climbing and cleaning by robot)
* Smart clean window : Window climbing and cleaning by robot.
* Convenient to use : Just stick the magnetic couples of WINDORO to your windows.
* Slim and Light : 21cm x 21cm and ca. 2.5KGs for the couples of WINDORO.
* Satisfed with window cleaning : 4 Microfiber Pads with ecological detergent nature based.

Mint Plus Plus Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 5200
Mint sweeps and mops hard surface floors automatically, using popular dry and pre-moistened disposable cleaning cloths or re-usable microfiber cleaning cloths (included). Dry sweeping mode is ideal for picking up dust, dirt and hair. And Mint's special mopping motion, combined with the included Pro-Clean System, gets deeper dirt and grime off your floors. Guided by the NorthStar® Navigation System, Mint tracks where it cleans so it doesn't miss a spot. Mint starts by cleaning open areas, moving methodically back and forth across the floor. Mint detects and cleans around furniture and other obstacles as it encounters them. Mint then follows with a perimeter sweep along the edges of furniture and baseboards, then returns to where it started and parks itself. If Mint's cleaning cycle is problem...its pause/resume capability allows it to pick up right where it left off. And smart sensors help Mint avoid area rugs and raised carpet transitions, detect areas that are too low to enter and avoid falling down stairs.

Window Cleaning Robot
The robot can travel across the window frame and execute cleaning functions (e.g. spray cleanser, brush, squeegee)

A Window Cleaner Robot
Video showing the movement and function of Window Cleaning Robot.

A Gecko Robot Based On Water Fluidic
he gecko robot is driven only by water, which can be used for high-rise window cleaning,designed by Liu Jinlin,a senior student of ZheJiang university in China.

Homemade vacuum cleaner robot

How to made vacuum cleaner robot data and video
My home build robot vacuum cleaner prototype
How can you build vacuum cleaner prototype at home!!!:

POLIsce home made vacuum robot by Raffaele Petta
This video shows a short demonstration of an home made vacuum robot using a simple collision free navigation algorithm

iTouchless Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner PRO

iTouchless Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner saves your time and effort. It will sweep and vacuum from carpet to hardwood to tile automatically so you don't have to. The new flat design allows it to go under beds and other places where upright vacuums can't go to clean dirt, dust, and pet hair. It works for about 80 minutes before recharge. It has built in AI Smart Chip and self-adjustable wheels to prevent the cleaner falling down steps or elevated surfaces. Comes with a remote control so that you can maneuver it anytime. Safety features include: stops automatically when unit gets stuck or was picked up, comes out from dark areas and stops in better lit area once finished cleaning or when battery power is low, gives a warning sound when low on power. Easy to use and clean. Package includes: Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner, Remote Control, Battery Charger, Filter Mesh, Rechargeable Battery, Cleaning brush, and side rotating brush replacement. One year manufacturer warranty. Note: Not for use on high pile carpet (longer than 1 inch).

How to build vacuum cleaner robot
This is tutorial, how to build your own vacuum cleaner robot! Watch it in action!!

DIY Robot Vacuum Cleaner
My DIY Robot Vacuum Cleaner (based on a Swivel Sweeper and powered by an Arduino) is doing a fine job with cleaning the kitchen. Simple algorithm, but certainly works well enough!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Homemade cleaning robot using Swivel Sweeper

Homemade cleaning robot using Swivel Sweeper Data and Video

Homemade cleaning robot using Swivel Sweeper
Cleaning my student flat hasn't been easier... I have rebuilt my Swivel Sweeper into a self transporting device, works fine

CleaningRobot Homemade
The robot moves through the room, and with the attached brush it will clean the area where it walks. In other words, it will try to get what we humans do with the vacuum cleaner. For better efficiency, the robot will thoroughly insist on every part of the area, notincing thus a good functioning. When the robot hits an obstacle (eg: wall, chair, table etc), it will try to return to the point where it can continue working. The advantage of this robot is that in a certain measure it can be used on many surfaces: brush has increased efficiency on carpet, models etc. But if attached to a cloth brush, then it will be able to do what we get by using a mop . But what happens when you meet some stairs? The robot will see that what follows isnt just right for its movements, and thus will change its position to such an extent that it can continue its work. And so, not only avoiding collisions, but also the falls, the robot succeeds to fulfill its objectives.

Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200

The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner from Evolution Robotics is designed exclusively for sweeping and mopping hard surface floors for you. Using dry and pre-moistened cleaning cloths, Mint picks up the dust, dirt and pet hair that constantly accumulate on floors. Mint's compact design gets into tight spaces, under furniture and into other areas that are hard to reach with traditional mops and sweepers. Product Features - Compact robot floor cleaner runs up to 3 hours on single charge using microfiber cloths or most brands of disposable cloths
- Guided by North Star Navigation System to methodically clean open areas, around furniture and rugs, and along room perimeter
- Whisper-quiet operation; turns itself off when finished
- Low maintenance with no bins to empty or filters to change
- Measures 9.6 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep by 3.1 inches high; 1-year warranty

NXT room cleaning robot
Robot that i made, it's cleaning my room. White papers symbolizes dust particles that are not seen well (or are not existent because robot does its job well ;). It has small cloth in front that needs to be cleaned when enough dust is colected. It's avoiding walls with ultrasonic sensor that is rotating right and in front.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Pool Cleaner robot Component and Cleaning Action

Component and Cleaning action of Pool Cleaner robot

Aquabot Pool Cleaner - Design, Components, Cleaning Action
Video courtesy of and Aquaproducts. An overview of the Aquabot pool cleaner. See what parts make up an Aquabot, and watch how it cleans while automatically moving and climbing a pool.

Aquabot Filter and Handle
Courtesy of and AquaProducts. The Aquabot mesh filter and multi-directional handle.

Zodiac G4 Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Installation
Pool Cleaner robot Installation and Cleaning Action

Nitro Wall Scrubber Robotic Pool Cleaner NC71 by SmartPool
Cleaning Action of Nitro Wall Scrubber Pool Cleaner robot Nitro Wall Scrubber NC71 Robotic cleaner for inground swimming pools. The Nitro Wall Scrubber, with its high performance/low energy engineering, uses very little power and costs just pennies to operate! It helps the environment even more by reducing pool chemical consumption and increases water conservation by reducing the need to backwash your pool filter.

Pool Cleaner robot

Thursday, January 05, 2012

How to Repair a Pool Cleaner Robot

Video show how to repair a Pool Cleaner Robot , Components and functionality of Pool Cleaner Robot.

How to Repair a Polaris Pool Cleaner Robot : Installing a Polaris 180 Pool Cleaner Tail
Video show how to repair a Polaris Pool Cleaner Robot, Components and functionality of Pool Cleaner Robot.

How to Repair a Polaris Pool Cleaner Robot : Installing a Polaris 180 Pool Cleaner Rebuild Kit
Watch as a seasoned professional demonstrates how to install the Polaris 180 Pool Cleaner rebuild kit in this free online video about home pool maintenance.

Polaris 380 Swimming Pool Cleaner Tune-up Guide Video - Part 1
In this two part video series, we guide you on how to get your Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner running in top notch condition using the Polaris 380 Tune-up Kit. This kit will give you everything necessary to replace the important components inside your swimming pool cleaner. So, let's begin and start the disassembling.

Polaris 380 Swimming Pool Cleaner Robot Tune-up Guide Video - Part 2
Video show how to Tune-up Guide a Pool Cleaner Robot Polaris 380

Pool Cleaner Robot 

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

How Pool Cleaner Robot works

Video shows how pool cleaner robot works.

How Nitro Cleaner & Caddy Pool Cleaner Robot Works
Nitro Cleaner is a new robotic cleaner that is packed with features at an affordable price. Nitro is designed to clean, scrub and vacuum up to a 20 x 40 pool in 2 hours or less.Nitro is completely safe and runs on 24 volts so it costs only pennies a day to operate. Its patented "super cord" technology is twist resistant so the unit is never steered by the twisted cord. Just check this out now!

Chlorine On Board Pool Cleaner Robot Works
How does the Cobia system work?
•Turn on the power supply and the robot will begin to clean and chlorinate the pool
•Each day, this robot will work on its own without touching any buttons
•The multi-function user interface is located on the power supply which displays the chlorination time and lets the user know the system status
•Interface alerts the user when salt levels are too high or low. The interface has two separate LED's indicating when the system is in cleaning and/or chlorinating mode(s)

How Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Pool Cleaner Robot Works Video
This robotic cleaner works in both in-ground and above ground pools. It includes a user-friendly navigation system and wide wheels for all pool types. See what comes with your purchase in this short video.

Video shows the components and functionality of TigerShark Robotic Pool Cleaner
TigerShark robotic swimming pool cleaner by Hayward Pool Products Cleans entire pool including walls and tile line Works on all types of pools including concrete, vinyl & fibreglass Utilizes easy to clean cartridges (not filter bags)

iRobot Verro 100 Above Ground Pool Cleaning Robot Action
A quick, unedited video of my new iRobot Verro 100 pool cleaning robot in action. Oh, and one of my stuffy, precocious daughters provides the "soundtrack"…

Pool Cleaner Robot