Tuesday, January 03, 2012

How Pool Cleaner Robot works

Video shows how pool cleaner robot works.

How Nitro Cleaner & Caddy Pool Cleaner Robot Works
Nitro Cleaner is a new robotic cleaner that is packed with features at an affordable price. Nitro is designed to clean, scrub and vacuum up to a 20 x 40 pool in 2 hours or less.Nitro is completely safe and runs on 24 volts so it costs only pennies a day to operate. Its patented "super cord" technology is twist resistant so the unit is never steered by the twisted cord. Just check this out now!

Chlorine On Board Pool Cleaner Robot Works
How does the Cobia system work?
•Turn on the power supply and the robot will begin to clean and chlorinate the pool
•Each day, this robot will work on its own without touching any buttons
•The multi-function user interface is located on the power supply which displays the chlorination time and lets the user know the system status
•Interface alerts the user when salt levels are too high or low. The interface has two separate LED's indicating when the system is in cleaning and/or chlorinating mode(s)

How Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Pool Cleaner Robot Works Video
This robotic cleaner works in both in-ground and above ground pools. It includes a user-friendly navigation system and wide wheels for all pool types. See what comes with your purchase in this short video.

Video shows the components and functionality of TigerShark Robotic Pool Cleaner
TigerShark robotic swimming pool cleaner by Hayward Pool Products Cleans entire pool including walls and tile line Works on all types of pools including concrete, vinyl & fibreglass Utilizes easy to clean cartridges (not filter bags)

iRobot Verro 100 Above Ground Pool Cleaning Robot Action
A quick, unedited video of my new iRobot Verro 100 pool cleaning robot in action. Oh, and one of my stuffy, precocious daughters provides the "soundtrack"…

Pool Cleaner Robot 

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