Thursday, January 26, 2012

Homemade vacuum cleaner robot

How to made vacuum cleaner robot data and video
My home build robot vacuum cleaner prototype
How can you build vacuum cleaner prototype at home!!!:

POLIsce home made vacuum robot by Raffaele Petta
This video shows a short demonstration of an home made vacuum robot using a simple collision free navigation algorithm

iTouchless Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner PRO

iTouchless Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner saves your time and effort. It will sweep and vacuum from carpet to hardwood to tile automatically so you don't have to. The new flat design allows it to go under beds and other places where upright vacuums can't go to clean dirt, dust, and pet hair. It works for about 80 minutes before recharge. It has built in AI Smart Chip and self-adjustable wheels to prevent the cleaner falling down steps or elevated surfaces. Comes with a remote control so that you can maneuver it anytime. Safety features include: stops automatically when unit gets stuck or was picked up, comes out from dark areas and stops in better lit area once finished cleaning or when battery power is low, gives a warning sound when low on power. Easy to use and clean. Package includes: Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner, Remote Control, Battery Charger, Filter Mesh, Rechargeable Battery, Cleaning brush, and side rotating brush replacement. One year manufacturer warranty. Note: Not for use on high pile carpet (longer than 1 inch).

How to build vacuum cleaner robot
This is tutorial, how to build your own vacuum cleaner robot! Watch it in action!!

DIY Robot Vacuum Cleaner
My DIY Robot Vacuum Cleaner (based on a Swivel Sweeper and powered by an Arduino) is doing a fine job with cleaning the kitchen. Simple algorithm, but certainly works well enough!

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