Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Homemade cleaning robot using Swivel Sweeper

Homemade cleaning robot using Swivel Sweeper Data and Video

Homemade cleaning robot using Swivel Sweeper
Cleaning my student flat hasn't been easier... I have rebuilt my Swivel Sweeper into a self transporting device, works fine

CleaningRobot Homemade
The robot moves through the room, and with the attached brush it will clean the area where it walks. In other words, it will try to get what we humans do with the vacuum cleaner. For better efficiency, the robot will thoroughly insist on every part of the area, notincing thus a good functioning. When the robot hits an obstacle (eg: wall, chair, table etc), it will try to return to the point where it can continue working. The advantage of this robot is that in a certain measure it can be used on many surfaces: brush has increased efficiency on carpet, models etc. But if attached to a cloth brush, then it will be able to do what we get by using a mop . But what happens when you meet some stairs? The robot will see that what follows isnt just right for its movements, and thus will change its position to such an extent that it can continue its work. And so, not only avoiding collisions, but also the falls, the robot succeeds to fulfill its objectives.

Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200

The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner from Evolution Robotics is designed exclusively for sweeping and mopping hard surface floors for you. Using dry and pre-moistened cleaning cloths, Mint picks up the dust, dirt and pet hair that constantly accumulate on floors. Mint's compact design gets into tight spaces, under furniture and into other areas that are hard to reach with traditional mops and sweepers. Product Features - Compact robot floor cleaner runs up to 3 hours on single charge using microfiber cloths or most brands of disposable cloths
- Guided by North Star Navigation System to methodically clean open areas, around furniture and rugs, and along room perimeter
- Whisper-quiet operation; turns itself off when finished
- Low maintenance with no bins to empty or filters to change
- Measures 9.6 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep by 3.1 inches high; 1-year warranty

NXT room cleaning robot
Robot that i made, it's cleaning my room. White papers symbolizes dust particles that are not seen well (or are not existent because robot does its job well ;). It has small cloth in front that needs to be cleaned when enough dust is colected. It's avoiding walls with ultrasonic sensor that is rotating right and in front.

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