Saturday, January 07, 2012

Pool Cleaner robot Component and Cleaning Action

Component and Cleaning action of Pool Cleaner robot

Aquabot Pool Cleaner - Design, Components, Cleaning Action
Video courtesy of and Aquaproducts. An overview of the Aquabot pool cleaner. See what parts make up an Aquabot, and watch how it cleans while automatically moving and climbing a pool.

Aquabot Filter and Handle
Courtesy of and AquaProducts. The Aquabot mesh filter and multi-directional handle.

Zodiac G4 Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Installation
Pool Cleaner robot Installation and Cleaning Action

Nitro Wall Scrubber Robotic Pool Cleaner NC71 by SmartPool
Cleaning Action of Nitro Wall Scrubber Pool Cleaner robot Nitro Wall Scrubber NC71 Robotic cleaner for inground swimming pools. The Nitro Wall Scrubber, with its high performance/low energy engineering, uses very little power and costs just pennies to operate! It helps the environment even more by reducing pool chemical consumption and increases water conservation by reducing the need to backwash your pool filter.

Pool Cleaner robot

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