Sunday, January 29, 2012

Robot Cleaning Solar Panels Data and Video

Video showing the movement and function of Robot Cleaning Solar Panels.

GEKKO robot cleaning solar panels
The GEKKO III Junior cleaning robot is walking on a steep solar plant and cleans it with water and its brush. The surface gets very clean and increases the efficiency of a solar plant immensely. The robot is designed to climb around on even vertical surfaces and won't need any additional complicated installations. This allows for a lot of versatility and easy use. The GEKKO robot is a product of the Serbot AG in Switzerland in cooperation Niederberger-Engineering AG.

PvSpin - Modul-Reinigungsgerät
Das neue Modulreinigungsgerät von Schletter "PvSpin"

GEKKO Junior G1
The GEKKO Junior moving on a solar plant. The robot climbs up and down the solar panels and cleans them with it's brush.

Instapark® 30W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel With a 12V solar charge controller
Tired of all the noise and smell from your diesel generator? The Instapark SPCC-30W offers you a quiet, clean while carbon-free alternative. Capable of converting virtually unlimited solar energy into clean, green, most importantly, free electricity, the Instapark SPCC-30W includes a 30-Watt mono-crystalline solar panel with solar charge controller. This solar panel is made of high efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells embedded in transparent vinyl acetate behind tempered glass with heavy back sheet ensuring maintenance free performance. Unlike amorphous solar panels, which only last about 5-7 years of continuous use, mono-crystalline solar panels can still retain over 80% of efficiency even after 25 years of continuous use. Also, the mono-crystalline panels are much more efficient and thus smaller in size while producing higher wattage. This kit is designed and engineered to primarily charge 12-Volt batteries, which store and provide usable power when needed, ideal for powering your RVs, ATV, marine boats and electronic equipments. The included solar charge controller helps prevent any connected batteries from overcharging. Other than recreational applications, solar power can also help lower your energy bills by reducing your dependence on the main electrical grid and provide back-up power during power outages.

Universalroboter- UNIROB PV-Reinigung
UNIROB S5000/2.8 beim Bearbeiten einer PV- Anlage. Wartung neuester Stand!

Photvoltaik-Reinigung, PV-Reinigung
UNIROB beim reinigen der Traufkante und der Blockränder einer PV- Anlage

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