Sunday, November 30, 2008

Robotic Gripper 2

pneumatic gripper

A gripper was designed for transplanting. The gripper seedlings
grasping is composed of a pneumatic piston which actuates
two parallel hinged jaws that perform a scissors type movement,
which cause the jaws to grasp the plant in between. The size
and shape of the gripper was adapted to fit trays with different
plant cells sizes.

slider gripper

This is the first of six soft tissue grippers. The gripper, thanks to two
suction cups, can pick and place large portions of fabric.
The distance between the two suction cups can be adjusted to
better fit the fabric size.

The 3-Jaw Parallel Gripper

The 3-Jaw Parallel Gripper is ideal for applications requiring three
points of contact, positive pick and place, and the flexibility of stroke.
It offers self-centering of parts and a high clamping force for
rapid part transfer and part gripping during grinding or de-burring, etc

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