Thursday, April 02, 2009

Digital Light Sensor to MICROCONTROLLER Circuit


The ISL29001 is an integrated ambient light sensor with
ADC and I2C interface. With a spectral sensitivity curve
matched to that of the human eye, the ISL29001 provides
15-bit effective resolution while rejecting 50Hz and 60Hz
flicker caused by artificial light sources.
In normal operation, the ISL29001 consumes less than
300µA of supply current. A software power-down mode
controlled via the I2C interface disables all but the I2C
interface. A power-down pin is also provided, which reduces
power consumption to less than 1µA.
The ISL29001 includes an internal oscillator, which provides
100ms automatic integration periods, or can be externally
timed by I2C commands. Both the internal timing and the
illuminance resolution can be adjusted with an external

ISL29001 datasheet pdf

Microcontroller Advanced Kit - Light Sensor Project

This tutorial shows how to set up a microcontroller based
system that converts a signal from a light sensor to a 6 bit
digital value. This value can be used by the microcontroller,
perhaps for a robotic controller, or as in this tutorial, sent to
the PC. It uses the AT89C2051 microcontroller to collect
data and send it to the PC. A MAX232CPE chip is used to
convert the signals from and to RS232 levels for sending
and receiving through the serial port. The 2051 microcontroller
has a built in analog comparator that is used to make a
simple analog to digital converter to convert the light sensor
output to a digital value.

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