Sunday, April 05, 2009

Line Tracking Robot Project

Two Inexpensive Line Tracking Sensors for the MIT
Handy Board Microcontroller
1.Theory of OperationA line sensor in its simplest form is a sensor capable of detecting
a contrast between adjacent surfaces, such as difference in color
, roughness, or magnetic properties, for example. The simplest
would be detecting a difference in color, for example black and
white surfaces. Using simple optoelectronics, such as infrared
photo-transistors, color contrast can easily be detected . Infrared
emitter/detectors or photo-transistors are inexpensive (usually
under $1 per sensor) and are easy to interface to a microcontroller.
In addition, standard red LEDs and Cds photocells work well too
and fall in the same price range as the infrared photo-transistors.

2. Construction
3. Sample Code
Sample Interactive C Code for the Handy
Board Microcontroller4. Final Design of the Sensor and Robot
5. Performance


Line Tracking Robot ProjectThis project is based on the MOVIT/OWIKIT LINE TRACKER
kit. Each group of three students is provided with one kit.
However, to make the project more meaningful, each group
will construct and test each of the electrical subsystems of the
robot on a breadboard and test it. After the entire system is
put together in this fashion and its operation understood, each
group will also put the pre-wired kit together and observe its


Line Follower ROBOT
I designed my Robot, which use two motors control rear wheels
and the single front wheel is free. It has 4-infrared sensors on
the bottom for detect black tracking tape, when the sensors
detected black color, output of comparator, LM324 is low logic
and the other the output is high.

SoftwareSoftware for write to AT89C2051 is robot1.hex ,which was
written by C-language ,the source code is robot1.ccompiled
by using MC51 in TINY model with my start up code
robot.asm .

Sandwich, an Easy to Build Robot That Follows Lines

I've built four Sandwich robots so far. Three of them are pictured
above (Sandwich, Blue Sandwich, and Red Sandwich) and one
robot was given away (Green Sandwich). The robots are named
for the color of the m&m's mini mega candy tube that connects
their motors together.

Line Tracking Robot

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