Monday, January 19, 2009

2 Legs Robot 1

Bipedal walking robot

The DOF is 10 at this point. Some kind of parallel link mechanism is
applied to the joint of the ankle. The shape of the contact to
the ground is changed from line to plane. The robot could get to walk
statically with this modification. But the servos are broken from over
load. It seems that the torque was not enough to support the weight
of the robot.

Bipedal Walking Robot Lucy

The goal of this project is to create a lightweight biped which is able
to walk in a dynamical stable way. The configuration of this biped is
anthropomorphic focusing on the lower walking part which is
composed of two articulated legs. The robot, all included, weighs
about 30 kg and is 150cm tall. This robot is restricted to move only
in the sagittal plane due to it’s one dimensional joints of which each
of them are powered by an antagonistic pair of Pleated Pneumatic
Artificial Muscles. These muscles are lightweight pneumatic actuators
which work at low pressures and can be directly coupled without
complex gearing mechanisms. The adaptable passive behaviour
of these actuators will be exploited in the walking algorithms.


NUSBIP is a lif-sized humanoid robot with 20 degrees-of-freedom
(DOFs) in total. It has 6 DOF on each leg and 5 DOF on each arm.
It was modelled after the size of a 10-year old child. This robot is
built to serve as a test bed for research on bipedal walking.


Iron Man Walking Rc Robot and 2 Legs Robot Book 

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