Wednesday, January 07, 2009

4 Legs walking robot 1

4-legged spider

4-legged spider is gait was actually more like a shuffle.
Two legs moved at a time; the front and back reach forward
while the sides balance the robot, then the front and
leg balance while placeing the side legs forward.

SILO4 walking robot

The SILO4 is a compact, modular and robust robot of about
30 kg, which is capable of negotiating irregular terrain,
surmounting obstacles up to 250 millimetres tall and
carrying about 15 kilograms in payload at a maximum
velocity of about 1.5 meter per minute.

No CPU Walker

Type: 4 leg 2 motor walker
Purpose: proof of a concept
Controller: hardwired
Actuators: 2 motors from teddy ruxpin
Power source: 4 AA for motors
Operational description: two motors and two DPDT switches.
The motor drives the legs. When the legs reach the farthest
rotation they trip the DPDT switch which reverses the other motor.
The combination of motors and switches causes the cycle: motor 1

forward, motor 2 forward, motor 1 backward, motor 2 backward,
and repeat.
Future Enhancements/Plans: I plan to add a waist motor for steering.

Kinematics of 4 Legs walking robot

The robot has 4 legs each of which has 3 actuators, Figure 1.
The legs inverse kinematics allows for 2 positions of the knee joint:
backwards and forwards. For simplicity the trajectories that we
consider in the project do not assume a switch betwene
backward and forward knee positions.

4 Legs walking robot

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