Friday, January 09, 2009

4 Legs walking robot 2


Spyder is an 8 motor, 4 leged walking robot. It uses a 16 Nv network
with a 4 Nv loop, and four 3 Nv branches attached to each Nv of
the loop. It features 4 legs, which can lift and drop, as well as
extend and retract.

This is 4 legged walking robot with CCD camera on its head.
It has 3 D.O.F on each legs and 2 D.O.F on the head. The main
behaviors of the robot consist of walking and posing, such
as standing, bowing, sitting-on, streching, leaning, lifting a leg and
so on.


Quadruped Walking Robot for Outdoor Environments

In spite of rapid development in robotic technologies, living creatures
are still superior to robots existing currently in various aspects.
Thus, it is necessary to understand the principles underlying the
motions and behaviors of biological subjects for the control
of robots. Mimicking living creatures currently becomes one of the
worldwide trends for robotic innovations. It is considered as one of
the most adequate way of developing a robot since biological systems
provide a number of useful ideas concerning the control of robots.
Recently, robotic researchers as well as biologists propose
innovative ideas for the control of the walking robot system.
Among several ideas, mimicking the rhythmic motion of animals
is one of the most promising ways to control the walking robot
system. By studying on this, the locomotion of the walking robot
can be close to that of the real animal.


Waltz is a 4 Legged Walking Robot that I have been working
on since 1995. The name Waltz came from the musical term of
the rythm of 3 beats over quater notes, since the robot has
3 servo motors on each of 4 legs.

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