Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4 Legs walking robot 4

Quadlator II

The quadruped robot Quadlator II has 4 legs, and total 12 joints.
It was made from aluminum, with total 17Kg weight. With
stretched posture, the length from hand-tip to foot tip is 1.26m.
The width of its shoulders is 0.38m. The length of each leg is
0.25m. It can walk in crawl gait at speed of 2m/min. There are
3 joints for each leg. and there isn't any foot-like mechanisms
(end-effectors). As well as walking, Quadlator II can also
stand on its knees like human being and performs some
operation with the 2 free hands.


Nico is a quadruped robot which is based upon principles
of 4-legged locomotion illustrated in nature. The background for
Nico's basic body plan and leg design can be found on
our page about locomotion in 4-legged creatures. The present
implementation is a greatly simplified form of nature's own plan,
but one which can still perform movements in a similar
manner. Nico's purpose is the study of various gait possibilities.


AMOS-WD02 (Advanced MObility Sensor-driven Walking Device)
is a simple platform for experiments with neural perception - action
systems. This walking machine has 4 legs, each with 2 degrees
of freedom, and one back joint referring to the morphology of
salamanders. In addition, this machine has IR-sensors and
auditory sensors for different reactive behaviour; e.g. obstacle
avoidance and sound tropism.

4 Legs walking robot

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