Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 Legs Robot 3

The framework of the robot is made of 3mm acryl-sheets where
the different parts got cut out. Alltogether there are 14 servos,
but only 12 degrees of freedom (DOF). In the hip, two servos per
leg are working together in one movement

Spring Turkey

Spring Turkey was designed and built by Peter Dilworth and Jerry
Pratt in 1994. It has an actuated hip and knee on each leg.
An unactuated boom constrains Spring Turkey's roll, yaw, and
lateral motion thereby reducing it to a two dimensional robot.
All of Spring Turkey's motors are located in its upper body, with
power being transmitted to the joints via cable drives. Series
Elastic Actuation is employed at each degree of freedom, allowing
for accurate application of torques and a high degree of shock
tolerance. The maximum torque that can be applied to the hips is
approximately 12 Nm while approximately 18 Nm can be applied
to the knees. The force control bandwidth we achieve is approximately
20 Hz. Spring Turkey weighs in at approximately 22 lbs (10 kg) and
stands 2 ft (60 cm) tall.


RunBotRunBot is a biomechatronic design. It has achieved a relative
walking speed of 3.5 leg-lengths per second, which is much faster
than the current world record of biped walking robots, 1.5 leg-lengths
per second, and is even comparable to the fastest relative speed of
human walking. Unlike other biped robots using various model-based
controllers, RunBot's mechanical structure is directly driven by
motor-neurons of its neuronal controller, which is analogous to what
happens in human and animals' walking. In summary, neural
computation and physical computation work together to generate
RunBot's fast and adaptive walking gaits.

Iron Man Walking Rc Robot and 2 Legs Robot Book

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