Sunday, February 08, 2009

Beam Robot 1

The Incredible Walking Machine
This robot is a solar bicore walker that does not use a "solar
The circuit and motors are powered directly
from the 30 or so milliamps (in full sun) provided by a 37mm x 66mm
solar panel. On July 8, 2001 he took his first real world walks
showing the ability to walk over rough terrain including through
gravel, sand, dirt and some grass. WOW! With his feelers now
installed and his new wide traction rear legs, I am very
pleased with his overall performance.

Green MachineAKA "My B.I.O.-BUG Hack"

The Plan: Rip the Hasbro toy bug guts out of a B.I.O.-Bug and turn
him into a true green BEAM machine. I want him to be solar
powered and able to walk continuously when in direct sun.
The circuits should be analog, BEAM, and as simple as possible
while still allowing robust enough behavior to give him
a chance for autonomous survival.
SunEater V

The SunEater_V behaviour is based on three rules:
-If no feeler switches are closed, the motors will obey the `eyes'.
SunEater_V moves towards the best light, while trying to avoid
shadow patches.
- If one of the feelers touches an obstacle, SunEater_V "follows
the wall" in the direction of the better light. Both this and the first
behaviour are illustrated
here. Thanks to the `mechanical memory'
- the robot keeps a feeler in contact with an obstacle during evasive
action - the motion remains deliberate, even if the voltage drops to
zero between steps.
- With both feeler switches closed, the robot will push
against one of them, trying to get free.

Beam Robot and Beam Robot Book

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