Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beam Robot 2

DIY Solar Robot Assembly

BEAM robotics basically starts from 3 philosophical tenets:
Use minimalist electronicsThis keeps complexity from “snowballing”,
and keeps costs downRecycle & reuse components out of technoscrap
This keeps things cheap, and avoids a lot of trips to parts stores;
virtually all the parts required to make a BEAM robot can be found
in broken electronics (ovens, walkman’s, CD players, VCRs, pagers…).
Solar power your critter if possibleWhile less powerful than even
a small battery (and, up-front, more
expensive), solar cell s last for years; solar-powered BEAMbots don’t
require constant battery replacements or down-time for battery
recharging. more

Beam Robot

analog electronics. It seemed that a PIC would work very well
for this kind of project. Very little extra circuitry is needed to
do both forword and backword walking sequences along with
a few other tricks.

Symet BEAM Robot

Symet is the first BEAM robot I ever completed, becoming active on
April 3, 2004. The idea and plans come from the book
Junkbots, Bugbots, & Bots on Wheels, by Dave Hrynkiw and
Mark W. Tilden. Its a solar powered robot that scoots along on
the tip of a single motor, using an FLED solarengine to store
and dump energy. When it hits an obstacle, it topples to
the side and, because of the orientation of the motor shaft,
it changes direction. No smarts, but lots of fun. I especially
enjoyed this guy because he was easy to get working, unlike
the other robot I tried to build first, but proved to be too
complicated for my first shot.

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