Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wall-climbing Robot 4

RISE climbing Robots
Three RiSE platforms, with slightly elongated bodies to allow larger
integrated spiny+sticky feet (adapted from SpinyBot), were tested
on a variety of surfaces including, stucco, concrete with
pebbles, brick, plexiglass and trees.



While Full and Berkeley engineering professor Ron Fearing study
geckos' setae, the tiny hairs on its feet, for clues to replicating nature's
miraculous dry adhesive, iRobot has built two gecko-inspired robots
with Full's help. The Mecho-Gecko's three legs are tipped with
a pressure-sensitive adhesive (think Post-Its) to mimic the
unroll-and-peel-off manner in which geckos climb, while the Bull-Gecko
uses the same adhesive on bulldozer-like treads instead of legs.
The next design will be a legged version with a flexible spine.

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