Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wall-climbing Robot 2

C-Bot Wall Climbing Bionic Robot

C-Bot Wall Climbing Bionic Robot By Niklas Galler
Do you ever imagine that someday, you can performs a wall
climbing with a help from robot or some device that can make you
stick to the wall. I never imagine that before. Maybe with the C-Bot
design by Niklas Galler we can start thinking to perform our own
“climbing stunt”. C-Bot a bionic wall climbing concept the
basically used the “gecko” innovative foot climbing design as
a template to climb wall without any artificial adhesion.


We introduce a wall climbing robot system "LARVA" for visual
inspection of bridges using an impellent force adhesion method.
This adhesion mechanism consists of an impeller and flexible
suction seals which provide sufficient adhesion forces for supporting
its body on the surface by keeping the air pressure inside the foot of
the robot less than a critical safe value. A comprehensive study is
performed on the dynamic fluid modeling of the adhesion mechanism.
In addition, the stable locomotion on the vertical wall and an adhesion
control method for a wall climbing robot are derived. The controller,
though it is simple, provides a useful framework for controlling a wall
climbing robot.


RWALLSPECT III can walk in planes as well as climb walls
with suction pad. Since the robot is expected to be able to
move from wall to wall, wall to plane including negotiationing
convex or concave the robot. By performing intuitive and
geometrical analysis, critical aspects of design such as joint
ranges, design of ankles, and location of actuators are applied
to the robot. And also the robot is designed to carry an ultrasonic
NDT tool for inspection of the large suface of industrial utilities.

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