Friday, February 06, 2009

Wall-climbing Robot 3

BIGGALO Wall Climbing Robot
BIGGALO (BIG uGly And LOud) is a pneumatics based robot that is
designed to climb relatively smooth vertical surfaces.

RIMINIDevelopment of New and Novel Low Cost Robot
Inspection Methods for In-Service Inspection of Nuclear

The robot uses a common principle to climb; which is to create
a negative force to stick the robot to the wall. This is achieved using
3 sliding suction cups, with the suction created by centrifugal pumps
driven by high speed air motors. The key advantage of this
technique is that expelling water creates a thrust force when the
system is not touching the wall. The force pushes the robot
towards the wall till the suction cup becomes attached to the wall.


Recent biological findings indicate that a number of fast climbing
animals (in particular the gecko and cockroach) climb in a dynamically
similar manner. Despite their different morphologies, limb number,
and attachment mechanisms both of these animals undulate laterally
with significant in pulling forces. These findings have prompted
a proposed template for dyanmic vertical climbing.

Wall-climbing Robot and Wall-climbing Robot Book

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