Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beam Robot 3

B.E.A.M –bot

The trick is to design a circuit that detects whenever the capacitor
is fully charged. There are a lot of solutions that can be found on
the Internet. A nice idea is to use the voltage drop across a flicker
LED as it depends on the amount of background light. It's 2.4V
but slightly changes in darkness. The result is a creature which is
sensitive to light, at least that's the idea.

HRB-001 Micro BEAM Bot

This time I will be making a micro BEAM robot out of some junk
and a few components. BEAM stands for Biology, Electronics,
Aesthetics, and Mechanics. What differentiates BEAM robots from
the rest is the fact that BEAM robots do not rely on microcontrollers
or any type of programming to function. Instead of preprogrammed
digital logic they function by following the simple analog logic
of their components.

Build The Basic Robot

This style of robot is quite popular with BEAM builders, they are generally
only used as a proof of concept type build with the parts being scavenged
for other bots after a short time.
The reason that I decided to build one is because I want a robot base that
would make sensor such as encoding wheels unusable and force myself
to find some other way of accurate mapping. Why? because if you use
encoders, it only takes somebody to nudge the robot or for a wheel to slip
for the mapping to become unstable.

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