Friday, February 20, 2009

Current Controller DC Motor Driver

3A, 55V H-Bridge
General Description
The LMD18200 is a 3A H-Bridge designed for motion control
applications. The device is built using a multi-technology
process which combines bipolar and CMOS control circuitry
with DMOS power devices on the same monolithic structure.
Ideal for driving DC and stepper motors; the LMD18200
accommodates peak output currents up to 6A. An innovative
circuit which facilitates low-loss sensing of the output current
has been implemented.
- Delivers up to 3A continuous output
- Operates at supply voltages up to 55V
- Low RDS(ON) typically 0.3Ω per switch
- TTL and CMOS compatible inputs
- No “shoot-through” current
- Thermal warning flag output at 145°C
- Thermal shutdown (outputs off) at 170°C
- Internal clamp diodes
- Shorted load protection
- Internal charge pump with external bootstrap capability

LMD18200 Datasheet Pdf

DC Motor Driver, DC Motor and Driver Book

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